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Betul. Betul district, about the history of the district more

Betul. Betul district, about the history of the district more than half the population do not know what the district regard Age - period - the time when - when is. Assumptions about the place in the district and some knowledgeable historians and experts of the Department of Purattw to contemplate now reflect on the fact that drawing the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh tribal concentration and Purattw Preachin's history and mythology. Betul district, the relation Suryvansh how much Preachin history is connected. Betul district Tapti river flowing in the Adi Ganga - Bhadra - TAPI - Tapti - Tapti Dergno Nmo including what is called the birthplace Multapie - Mulatai in Betul district is located. Preachin to tell the history of the district we have some evidence are presented. Regard to the tribes living in the district a rough age and period duplicate is. During the Golden Age of Vidarbha after his marriage to Princess Damayanti discarded after wandering in the forests of the district Masod King taps located near the village pond but the fish tried roasting the fish in the pond to be jumping kernel. Popular stories tap into the region - in terms of Damayanti said that the high Pattten Kheda village Mangleraja beads - Damoti Queen Brua Baman story tells us, she hears him telling a story of sixteen, listen Mahalaxmi queen's Vidarbha area in the Mahabharata, which currently Akichaldra Chiackadra Keechaka king of the region was called the King's brother in law, which was vast. Keechaka Akda name Kaichkadharo Betul and neighboring state that is currently in Amravati district of Maharashtra engaged Chiakaldra Partwada area is called. King Keechaka Verat Divine Goddess of the total space of Betul district in the morning Preachin Parpattten Paton was in the village was known as the village. Mahabharata during the pre Atā¤žatvasa Pancho Peadana King Keechaka Asaalberdi located in the state are in caves that still exists. Pandav son Sanaganie life because of the bad track Keechaka killed by Bhima Pandava son. Lord Sri Rama in Betul district Tretayaug the sun mother daughter Tapti river Tapti Sivadham Barahling setting on the banks of the twelve Sivalingo Patthro who was with the help of the Lord Vishwakarma is still present. There is also the place where Mother Sita Sita Ssnnanagar on the banks of Tapti bath used. Veno is the custard apple found in this area that is mentioned in Ramayana. Chaupeai mother Sita in the Ramayana states that the Lord very dear fruit Mora Puchti the law in the name of God the custard apple was named Sita. Kuruvansh founder of Betul district, the birthplace of King Kuru Tapti many of the parents as evidence Takadi Narada, Narada kunda, Sun reservoir, Dhermkund, sin reservoir, Ashnekund, Tapti birthplace of seven reservoir is present in Betul district. Betul district is still the most lingam Tapti River, which is evidence that Ravana did penance son Mehanath difficult side of the Tapti. The region of the state's share of Ravana Mehanath Balashali son is so even in the native villages today Mehanath - Ravana - Kuanhkaaran worship. Deoalhat Tapti River is a place called River located in the center tunnel where the Lord made the heavens were departing. Purna Chandra daughter in the district which is also the birthplace Pushpakarni Heisadehi have it. Betul district Preachin history proves the fact that the sun and the two Dev Chandravansh girls place of origin in the district and the district they can get to get to Bhusawal. Betul district, many of whom also remains Preachin need today to understand and test.Betul district Awakening Forum Tapti Tapti mother mother daughter glory of the sun people - people strive to reach. Jizasu person ever to get any information can contact. Net in the name of glory and the Tapti Tapti Kathayean has given many in the name of law. 

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